Intensive and inspiring Creative Writing courses on the island of Curaçao, organized by the best writing schools from Spain, the Netherlands and the Caribbean. 
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Intensive and inspiring Creative Writing courses on the island of Curaçao, organized by the best writing schools from Spain, the Netherlands and the Caribbean. 
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Creative Writing Academy Curaçao offers high-level tuition in intensive courses. You will be taught by teachers who all have extensive experience.

Creative Writing Academy Curaçao is is an initiative of the renowned writing schools ArtEZ university of the arts in the Netherlands and Escuela de Escritores in Madrid, Spain, and the literary organisations Wintertuin Curaçao and Wintertuin Netherlands.

Each September and March, we offer Creative Writing courses with lots of possibilities to learn new skills.

Our courses are open to beginners as well as more advanced students.

Courses September 2024

Between September 23 - October 4 2024 we offer three courses:


1 New Voices: creative writing course for young writers.
Language: Papiamentu. Teacher: Joeri Oltheten (hiphop writer, community builder and artistic director)


2 Starting Writers: creative writing course to boost your writing skills
Language: Dutch/English Teacher: Dennis Gaens (poet and podcaster, teacher of Creative Writing at ArtEZ university of the arts in Holland).


3 Advanced Writers Class: next steps in your writing project
Language: Dutch Teacher: Frank Tazelaar (artistic director and head of Creative Writing at ArtEZ university of the arts)

Courses and Levels

1 The New Voices course is aiming at young writers, with ambition to become storytellers, spoken word artists or new voices for series, book or film. Language: Papiamentu.

2. The starting writers course will be open to different levels of participants. If you are beginning to write, you will get less complex writing exercises. If you already have some experience, the writing exercises and guidance will be adjusted to your level. Language: Dutch.

3. The advanced writers class is open to former participants or more advanced writers working on a project. We will work on the next level of your project. In advance you will receive a writing assignment. Language: Dutch


1 young voices courses MONDAY 23/9, TUESDAY 25/9, WEDNESDAY 26/9*, THURSDAY 26/9, MONDAY 30/6, WEDNESDAY 2/10 *) extra lecture



2 starting writers MONDAY 23/9, TUESDAY 25/9, WEDNESDAY 26/9*, THURSDAY 26/9, MONDAY 30/6, WEDNESDAY 2/10**, THURSDAY 3/10



3 advanced writers  MONDAY 23/9, TUESDAY 25/9, WEDNESDAY 26/9*, THURSDAY 26/9, MONDAY 30/6, WEDNESDAY 2/10**, FRIDAY 4/10
*) extra lecture **) individual feedback




Our Creative Writing courses introduce a number of basic concepts in writing, as ‘show don’t tell’, poetica, chronotope, how to craft a character, narrative tense, and plot structure. The classes will be a combination of theory and writing exercises. You will work during the classes, but you will also need to do homework to really achieve progress in your writing project.
All courses allow you to write in your own language:—Papiamentu, Spanish, Dutch and English. Multilingual tutors will be in attendance to assist with the discussion of the texts.



extra activities

Every course is concluded with a joint presentation.

At the start of the writing weeks in september we visit the Wintertuin Curaçao Festival, featuring writers and performers from different countries.

The writing weeks in wintertime (March 2025) will have an intensive writing retreat of 3 days, on a special island location.

New voices – young writers course

Are you interested in storytelling, spoken word, series and good books? Do you have the ambition to tell your story and understand the techniques of writing a good story? This is your course!

We are aiming at writers 16+ of age. The course will be in Papiamentu, but you can write…

Starting Writers Course

A journey through the creative process of writing a story, from the first creative spark, through its development as a narrative to the final editing step, which often provides the magic that makes a good story into an excellent one. The genesis of the ideas, the writer´s fertile gaze, how…

Advanced Writers Course

We will be offering a second level course with a maximum of 15 students. Central in this course is your writing project, which you will discuss and work on.

Course Dutch/English by Frank Tazelaar

Language of instruction: Dutch and English (stories can be written in Dutch, English or Papiamentu Contact hours:…

Intensives: writing retreats

From the body, to the mind, through the heart. Gordon Lish, a famous literary editor once said: «It´s not about what happens to people on a page; it´s about what happens to a reader in his heart and mind».

This intensive explores the creative use of emotions, as tools, in our…

Additional lecture: Caribbean literature and culture

Embracing Multiple Identities – Caribbean Literature and identity. The Capita Selecta lectures are presented by lecturers and researchers from the University of Curaçao. They will introduce you to the history and current state of Caribbean literature and culture. Of interest to anyone studying language and identity in the Antilles, Europe…


Frank Tazelaar

Frank Tazelaar is the head of Creative Writing ArtEZ as well as the creator of the curriculum. He is also editor, writer, publisher and director of De Nieuwe Oost | Wintertuin, a production company that supports emerging writers.

He teaches writing at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Radboud University Nijmegen and Escuela de Escritores (Madrid). Frank serves on the board of the EACWP, the European Association of Creative Writing Programmes.

Joeri Oltheten

Joeri Oltheten is the director and project leader of Wintertuin Curaçao. After graduating as a business economist at the University of Amsterdam he developed into a dynamic, multi-talented social entrepreneur. For the past 10 years Oltheten has been managing, coordinating and implementing projects that contribute to sustainable human development and well being.

In 2015 Oltheten received the Dutch Caribbean Pearls Award in the entrepreneurship category. These days, Oltheten draws on his extensive experience as a public speaker, rapper and copywriter to boost the development of creative entrepreneurship on Curaçao.

Dennis Gaens

Dennis Gaens is a writer and radio producer. He published two poetry collections, both of which were nominated for national prizes. He wrote and performed in two musical theatre shows and performed at various festivals.

In 2014 he started the literary podcast Ondercast, which was a literary magazine in audio format. After falling in love with audio storytelling, he expanded his work into writing for radio, producing documentaries and sound designing radio plays. He now works as an allround radio producer for various institutions, national broadcasting companies and of course for himself.

Dennis is a core faculty member at ArtEZ Creative Writing with a focus on transmedial narratives.


The Creative Writing summer and winter courses are taught by the best teachers from several leading programmes. The courses are put together and hosted by professionals from these same top-level institutions.

Escuela de Escritores (Madrid, Spain)

Escuela de Escritores is a highly rated centre of Creative Writing teaching in the Spanish-speaking world. In the last 15 years, more than ten thousand students have attended our classes in Madrid, Burgos and Zaragoza and our online courses. A wide variety of courses, from beginners to advanced levels, provide…

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ArtEZ Creative Writing (Arnhem, the Netherlands)

Creative Writing is a four-year bachelor degree offered by ArtEZ Institute for the Arts in Arnhem. We prepare you for a hybrid professional career, helping you develop and apply both your creative and practical skills. The degree programme focuses on the creation of autonomous literary work, as well as the…

Go to the organization's website

Wintertuin Curaçao

Wintertuin Curaçao connects people through literature and storytelling. Wintertuin Curaçao seeks to promote Curaçao art and culture in a socially relevant way. One of our projects, Kurá di Kuenta, is a literary skills development programme for peopled aged eighty and over. As part of this programme, young Curaçao writers and…

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Wintertuin NL

We are Wintertuin. We make connections between readers and writers, literature and other art forms, innovation and the mainstream, and art and society.

We organise festivals, literary programmes and workshops in which we use fiction as a guide to help us navigate through the present. We do this in theatres,…

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Dates & Prices

Summer Courses 2024

September 23d - October 4th

Winter Courses 2025

January 10 to January 24 2025


The fee for the New Voices writing course for young writers is 100 euro/ 200 ANG

The fee for the Introduction to Creative Writing course is 300 euro/ 600 ANG
Inhabitants of Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire: 100 euro / 200 ANG

The fee for the Starting writers (second level) course is: 500 euro / 1000 ANG
Inhabitants of Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire: 300 euro / 600 ANG

The fee for the Advanced Writers course is: 500 euro / 1000 ANG
Inhabitants of Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire: 300 euro / 600 ANG

The fee covers 6 days of tuition and extra mentoring. The course will be concluded with a joint presentation. You also get a an additional masterclass on writing and literature.

The course is also an opportunity for expanding your network. During joint activities you will get to know both the other course participants and the teachers and representatives of the various organizations involved.

Students with a valid student ID are eligible for an extra discount. We also offer scholarships and discounts for local writers. If needed, you can indicate this on the enrolment form.


There is are scholarships and discounts available for  participants of every course. This scholarship consists of a discount on the course fee. The scholarship  will be awarded on the merit of your motivation letter.


You need to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements.
You can send us an email if you want any suggestions on other accommodation. We can help you find a nice place to stay and help with local transportation. We can also help you connect with other students, to share accommodation and transport.


Apply for selection


How does it work?

1. Fill in the form on the right to enroll in one of the two courses.

Choose between:

  • New voices writing course for young writers
  • Creative Writing for starting writers
  • Second Level Project Course for advanced writers


2. Write us your motivation.

3. We will review your application and send you confirmation of your participation

4. We will send you a payment request and a schedule of classes via email.

(Advanced writers will receive a writing assignment.)


DEADLINE enrollment Summercourses: september 1


The maximum number of students per course is 25.
So enroll in time!

Please fill in all required fields, these are marked with an asterisk (*).

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.



What are the hours of the course?

The courses will take place at Triangle in Otrobanda, between 18.00 and 21.00 hours. With exception of the individual feedback sessions, these are during the day.

How much time do I need to reserve for homework?

You need to read texts, and write on your project. You will have to reserve some extra hours during the week or weekend to write.

What is the level acquired for participating?

Young voice writers are beginning writers who have little or no experience but the ambition to write and tell their story.

As starting writer, you can participate as a beginner without prior experience in creative writing, but you can also participate if you already have some experience in creative writing. The exercises and guidance will then be adjusted to your level.

Advanced writers have taken creative writing courses before, or have a publication to their credit.

Do I need to buy books or any other practical school props?

You need to bring material to write, that can be a laptop or a paper notebook.

What is included?

Included: 5 Classes, 1 individual session, 1 lecture,  and of course the final presentation of the course.
Not included: meals, drinks, transportation, accommodation.

Can I write in my own language?

Yes! All courses allow you to write in your own language:

* Papiamentu, Dutch (Nederlands) and English.

Multilingual tutors will be in attendance to assist with the discussion of the texts.


Are there any group activities?

We will attend a lecture together, and of course we will go to the famous Avila Beach hotel on the last Thursday evening to listen to the music and have diner together.

Accommodation and transportation

For visitors: do you have accomodation tips - located in Otrobanda.
budget hostel with shared facilities starts at € 20 per night. - located in Scharloo.
Nice location, modern hostel with dorms - starts at € 20 per night. - locaterd at Berg Altena
Bed & breakfast, not to close to the University though (takes about 15/20 minutes) – starts at €30 per night. - located in Julianadorp.
Small appartments, starts at € 30 per night. - located in Otrobanda,
No nonsense resort, also has a car rental services.
Rooms start at € 30 per night. - located in Souax.
Between the airport and the University starts at € 30 per night. located in Julianadorp.
Starts at € 55 per night. located in Julianadorp
Starts at € 80 per night.


For more information email:

ArtEZ Creative Writing
Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem

Wintertuin Curaçao
Steenkoolweg 16, Willemstad Curaçao

Escuela des Ecritores
Covarrubias, 1 (Bajo Dcha), Madrid